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LIGHT gives us energy. It makes us want to achieve more!

On a sunny day you live your life to the fullest feeling that you can have it all! Your creativity and efficiency increase thanks to light. And you can feel the power within you!

Infrared light is life-giving energy which is naturally emitted by the sun. It enhances microcirculation, facilitates regeneration, decreases the signs of stress, decelerates aging and improves the look of the skin.

Light affects human behaviour, mood and emotional attitude.

Right now you can ensure a dose of this beneficial energy thanks to an individually selected mini appliance that is very convenient to use and will support you whenever you want!


ENERGYCUBE for everyone.

ENERGYCUBE emits life-giving polarised infrared radiation with the help of two LEDs.

The key to understand how it works lies in emitting regular subtle stimuli which are way more effective than sudden strong impulses.


Applying ENERGY cube.

With the CUBE you gain:

increased life force – "charging your own batteries";
restored natural body rhythm;
relaxation when there is no time to rest;
improved skin microcirculation;
improved condition and appearance of skin, hair and nails;
decreased muscular tension;
decelerated aging;
neutralisation of stress effects;
faster regeneration following exertion;
 a generally improved well-being.


Your individualised light.

Natural renewal and regeneration processes in our body are supported by the so-called regulating factors.

It is obvious that it is not only food (including vitamins and microelements) that plays a vital role in the regeneration process but, according to latest research, also natural or artificial light, and in particular polarised infrared radiation.

The key to understand how it works lies in emitting regular subtle stimuli which are way more effective than sudden strong impulses.


Specialists recommended.

Recommended by:

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Artur Markowski M.D.

The initial effects which could be very deeply felt within the first 2 or 3 days of using the cube included a raised stress threshold and increased exercise tolerance.

Right now, having spent 8-9 hours at work, I still have enough energy and positive emotion to devote to my other passions which I was too exhausted to pursue in the past several years.

Individualised light therapy, adjusted to the type of person a patient is, is undoubtedly the future of prevention and therapy.

Elżbieta Mokrzan-Rosiak M.D.

I have been using the Cube for years. I usually wear it in the morning, before going to work. Already after several minutes of wearing it I can clearly feel that my spinal muscles relax, my mood improves and I am calm I have enough energy to last the entire day!

Thanks to the light emitted by the Cube, I can boost my energy in times of fatigue or weakness very quickly.

Light therapy has worked very well with many of my patients.

Find your rhythm!

Determine your psychoenergetic type.

The Cube is designed individually depending on your dominant centre.

Find your rhythm by carrying out:

  •  Thermoregulation Scanning Diagnostics  STRD.
  • You can also try out a less accurate tool: fill in the online TEST.




The test will help you to determine your physical and emotional features which are indications for using a given type of ENERGYCUBE.


Everything about CUBES.


We are here for you!


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e-mail: lewandowski@energomedica.pl

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We will help you to bring out your inner light!


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